Drift Away

“Drift Away”

36 wide x 48 high


Who doesn’t love a hot air balloon?  I think they have an implied charm about them.

Drift Away - Overall

I love using swirly designs in the quilting when I’m working on a background for something that might happen on a windy day.  Wouldn’t a hot air balloon be just that?

Drift Away - Detail - Quilting - Background

I feel like it adds some whimsy to the piece.

Drift Away - Detail - Quilting - Background Swirls

This quilt is a fun mix of bright blue sky and a grey hot air balloon.

Drift Away - Detail - Applique - Balloon

This quilt will look really cool when washed.  The texture in the sky will crinkle up to give a really soft feel & the edges of the hot air balloon will start to fray to give it a worn look.

Drift Away - Back

The back of this is beautiful all on it’s own.  The grey thread used to quilt the balloon makes it look like a pencil drawing against the texture of the white thread on the white fabric.

If you’re interested in purchasing this quilt or any of my other work, visit my etsy shop to see my current selection.  The direct link to this listing can be found here.


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