The Roasterie

“The Roasterie”

36 wide x 24 tall


This is one of my favorite quilts I’ve made so far.  It’s also the one the most people have expressed interest in purchasing, so if you’re considering it… act fast!

Roasterie - Overall

Coffee lovers in Kansas City will recognize this as the plane that rests on top of The Roasterie’s factory.  Yes, there really is a plane mounted on top of a building in Kansas City.  It’s pretty cool.

Roasterie - Detail - Sign

The Roasterie’s sign sits just below the plane.

Roasterie - Quilting - Detail - Background 2

The cool plane isn’t really my favorite part of this, though.  I am in love with the quilting. 

Roasterie - Quilting - Detail

The airplane itself is quilted with lines to help convey texture.

Roasterie - Quilting - Detail - Background

I did all sorts of fun swirls and feathery things in the sky of this & I think it turned out amazing.

Roasterie - Back

All of the quilts I make to sell that I think might be used as wall hangings come with two pockets in the upper corners are the backside.  This is to make it super easy to hang the quilt.  All it needs is a dowel or thing board cut to the width of the quilt (minus the binding) and inserted into the pockets.  I like to use a very thin board and rested on two t-pins poked into the wall to hang quilts in my house.

This quilt is intended to be a wall hanging.

If you’re interested in purchasing this quilt or any of my other work, visit my etsy shop to see my current selection.  This quilt is for sale here.


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